Matthew's Child Logo & Website

A logo and accompanying website created for my wife's non-profit, Matthew's Child.

This logo was designed with a simple style (simple - who knew?) that is memorable, iconic and easy to read at small sizes. I wanted to portray the innocence of children in the child swinging from the tree, as well as the hope and optimism that a lot of foster and adoptive parents exemplify as they attempt to do good in the lives of their children.

The Matthew's Child website will be launching this fall, and is taking its design cues directly from this logo. The site will feature an extensive blog on the topics contained within foster and adoptive parenting, as well as many other educational materials and opportunities. If you are a potential foster or adoptive parent, you should bookmark and head back there around the end of September!

Update: Ahead of September's official launch, the site is now in a soft launch. Feel free to head over and check it out, and learn more about a great organization pursuing a great cause.

Update 2: On December 1st, 2015 we launched version 2.0 of the Matthew's Child website with a full responsive design, including a blog and multiple custom modules for things like community events and donations. You should check it out sometime. Really.

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