2016-Present: InventoryLab First and foremost, I've always been a designer. With InventoryLab, I return to that singular focus as their Front-End Design Lead. I've joined a fantastic team, with the goal of improving their product's User Interface and User Experience design, as well as taking charge of design for marketing and user-facing materials including brand development, the website, video production, and many other areas as well. I haven't been this excited to go to work in a very long time!

2004-Present: Designcouch I've long been interested in creative avenues that don't have the restrictions of an agency, and as such, I've been at least a part time freelancer running my own company since 2004. It's been an adventure so far, and a very rewarding one at that. My clients are amazing, the work is incredibly diverse (from small businesses to multi-billion dollar companies), and I get to set my own schedule—and believe me, that last one is solid gold when you have ten kids. I pride myself on being able to provide my clients with agency-quality work for significantly less money. Sound intriguing? We should talk.

2015: BlueRidge Interactive Working at BlueRidge Interactive was a fantastic challenge. I was hired to help them update and manage their workflow using Agile principles and methods, and to bring their UX and UI to the next level by providing design and creative direction for their multitude of projects.

2014-2015: Modea Part of my job description has always been creative vision, and my job at Modea was a logical extension of this. As the Product Experience Director, I owned the overall vision for various large scale digital projects for national clients like Aveda and Prudential. This involved creative direction, project planning, management of a dedicated team and full use of Agile principles and methods. I truly enjoyed my time as a Modean.

2010-2013: Anstey Hodge Advertising Group Building on all of my previous experience in interactive, I began working for Anstey Hodge as the Interactive Art Director in the fall of 2010. It was the most educational and rewarding job of my life. I designed websites and online advertisements for retirement communities, major universities, startups, tourist destinations and more. I had the privilege of working under one of the most respected creative directors in the state, and won multiple awards for my work, including a W3 Silver Award for the Cross Keys Village website, and both a W3 Silver and a PRSA Blue Ridge Summit Award for Best in Show for the Step Into Blacksburg website.

2010: The Roanoke Times Working at the Roanoke Times was a major eye opener. Agencies have deadlines that are a few weeks out - but newspapers have deadlines that often occur the same day. I worked in the advertising department, designing print and interactive ads for clients who purchased ad space with the Times.

2009-2010: The O'Connor Group After 5 years in Alaska, it was time to move back down to the lower 48 - and my state of choice this time was Virginia (a very pretty girl who is now my wife lives there). Upon arrival in Virginia, I began my employment as the Senior Art Director for The O'Connor Group. I was the primary creative for the agency, and worked on all of their accounts creating print, interactive and media design.

2007-2009: Bradley Reid + Associates My first actual professional design position (not including freelancing) was at this medium sized firm in downtown Anchorage. I began as an entry level Production Artist, but was promoted very quickly to Art Director. Initially I did mostly print design, but gradually became the primary interactive designer. I created Flash banner ads, websites and even a small iOS app.


2004-2008: University of Alaska Anchorage After only a year at OC, I decided that I wanted to try something exciting while I was young and not tied down, so I transferred to the University of Alaska in Anchorage to complete my degree. The last two years of my education took 4, as I went back to part time so that I could work and enjoy the beautiful place I was living in. However, my education there was TRULY formative. I simultaneously learned both print and web design, and while still finishing classes, I obtained my first agency position with Bradley Reid + Associates.

2003-2004: Oklahoma Christian University OC marked my entry into the formal higher education design world, and my first schooling on meeting the dreaded deadline. The design program there was intense, incredibly educational and a big eye opener for a formerly naive student. If it wasn't for my time there, I don't think that I would have actually pursued design as a career. It meant that much. Also of note: I took my first formal web design classes here, but I only count one of them, as the other espoused using Flash to design entire sites (YUCK).

2001-2003: York College, York Nebraska At York College, my creative work became a personal interest as my schoolwork focused on general education. My goal was to finish an Associates in two years and then transfer to a college to concentrate on a career in design. While at York, I first discovered code — but I had no idea at the time what a big discovery that would be for me.

1999-2001: Brainerd High School, Brainerd Minnesota At BHS, I began to truly nurture an interest in art and design that had been brewing my whole life. I took as many art classes as I could, ranging from photography to sculpture to computer design. This concluded with being named the "Most Artistic" student in my class during my senior year.