Early Days

I grew up in a family full of creative types. Mom is a designer, dad is an illustrator, 2 of my brothers are designers & my uncle owns his own ad agency. To say this work is in my blood is putting it extremely lightly. From an early age, I found myself tinkering with design ideas that most don't touch on until college. For crying out loud, I knew what kerning was before I could add large numbers. All creative children should be so lucky.

There is one drawback to being surrounded by talented creatives: it makes it difficult to differentiate yourself.

Because of this, through-out high school and early college I struggled to find a creative voice that was truly my own. I experimented with architecture, fine art, journalism, and finally found my way back to design. You can only avoid who you truly are for so long. During my design education, I began to realize that the individual, unique voice that I was seeking all along was not found in the medium of choice, but in the expression of individual personality through style, regardless of the medium.

Finding Myself

When I began my career as a designer, I was aware that I had a particular taste in design. Overly ornamented, embellished styles irritated me and I found myself gravitating towards designers like Saul Bass, Paul Rand and Josef Müller-Brockmann.

True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It's about bringing order to complexity. Sir Jony Ive

This quote is the defining statement of my design career thus far. From my upbringing as the child of creative professionals, through my career as a visual artist and designer and to my present career as a digital designer, I have been constantly seeking ordered solutions to complex problems.

This quest for simplicity has resulted in a design style that is distinctly my own. I focus on the elemental ideas at the core of every project, which allows me to tell a story that is unadulterated, beautiful, and seemingly inevitable.


My kiddos

I currently live and work in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. I'm supported by my fantastic wife Melanie, my twelve children, ten chickens, eight goats, four dogs, three cats, two pigs and one llama. I live an interesting, colorful life—and I love every minute of it. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, practicing free-throws on Dribbble, playing with code on Codepen and actively contributing to the MODX community when I have a spare moment.