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It's been almost 4 years in coming—and let's face it, probably half a dozen designs that never completely satisfied me—but it's finally here. Welcome to the new designcouch site.

When I take on a project, I always have the most idealistic notions imaginable. 'I'm going to code this up as clean as can be.'  'I'm going to put my foot down about bad design.' 'I'm going to change the world with this site.' You get the picture. However, the sad truth is that most designers never get to do everything they want to with a site (especially changing the world—it is only a website, after all). That's the beautiful thing about a personal site. We can do whatever we want.

That idea can be a little intoxicating to some designers, and even lead to an excess of un-needed design and features simply because there's no one there to say "hold on there, bucko." With this site design, I tried to take the time to do every single thing right—and that includes eliminating the un-necessary. Why, you ask? Because even though I'm a web developer who geeks out as much as the next about new and cool stuff, I'm a designer first. If there's anything that great designers like Rams, Ives, Bass or Müller-Brockmann have taught us, it is this: design is a harmonious combination of aesthetic and functional. If you add something that serves only the aesthetic or only the functional, it isn't good design. That's the driving concept behind this new site.

I also took the time to make sure that the site is attractive and functional for everyone, regardless of what device they view it on—go on and give your window a resize. It'll accomodate.

Everything you view on this site was designed by me, down to the like dislike buttons in the commenting areas. If you have any feedback on anything at all, feel free to email me, chat me up on Facebook or find me on Twitter. I love feedback of any kind.

Did I help you out?

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  1. Josh Couch

    Josh Couch

    Mar 08, 2013

    Clean bro. Really, REALLY well done! We designers CAN change the world, even if it's just inspiring someone with well-considered design.

    Reply to Josh

    1. Jesse


      Mar 08, 2013

      Thanks Josh! That means a lot coming from a fellow designer. Just trying to carry on the example set by those who came before me. Can only dream to accomplish as much as they did.